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Zhejiang Changxing a customer fresh chrysanthemum fill light


1 Overview

2. Greenhouse structure

3. Main features

4. Fill light selection

5. Fill light arrangement

6. Illumination simulation results

7. The use of the cost of the system analysis

8. fill light installation instructions

9. Distribution and control

10. Acceptance method

11. Warranty

12. Payment method

1 Overview

This paper describes the light system for flower bud differentiation inhibition required for the planting of cut flowers.

In this paper, the length and width of the greenhouse is determined according to the parameters of common greenhouse, in practical application, the greenhouse parameters will be different, the distribution of lamps are also different, the following system design methods and effects can be used as a reference.

2. Greenhouse structure

A. 2 knots, 6 m cross, 30 spans, 90 meters per span, 2.5 meters high, 3.5 meters high.

B. a joint, 6 meters cross, 30 cross, each span of 45 meters, 2.5 meters high, 3.5 meters high.

3. Main features

Using the latest generation of electronic high-pressure sodium lamp products, more suitable for the spectrum, more energy efficient, support continuous dark interruption plus light and intermittent plus light method to support fault alarm, long life and ultra-low failure rate, light failure is very small, Power but punch.

Spectrum: red and yellow, the central spectrum of 610nm

Minimum illumination: 80Lux, or greater than 80Lux area greater than 95%; maximum illumination 160lux;

Light failure: every 1000 hours, light failure less than 2%.

Light source decay curve:





4. 补光灯选型




Total power consumption: less than 110W

Total luminous quantity: greater than 8000 lumens

Total current: less than 0.45A@220V, recommended 1.5 square millimeters of national standard copper hanging less than 15 lights, 2.5 square meters of copper (or 4 square aluminum) hanging less than 22 lights.

Operating voltage: 175V ~ 264V, to ensure constant power constant illumination.

The whole light is bad: less than 2% @ 1000 hours

Ballast with power cord length: 60cm

Protection class: IP65, can be suitable for outdoor light rain conditions or humidity greater than 90% of the case, long-term stable work.

Installation: lifting, according to the actual situation to choose a fixed way

Light source: 10% of the light is expected to decline for 5 years, the damage rate of less than 10% (referring to the normal use of aging damage, not because the lamp installed substandard parts); light failure 15% for 8 years, damage rate of less than 15%.

5. Fill light arrangement

Using the core Chi Lennon 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamp with MIDI light shade, each pack a row, every 9 meters installed, for an area of 20 acres of even the building, each row to install 10 lights, each greenhouse to install 240, 3 greenhouse a total of 50 acres, need 600, an average of 12 per acre, the following figure is part of the interception of the greenhouse area of the light arrangement.

6. Illumination simulation results

Through software simulation, in the area of 20 acres of space to intercept 6 * 10 area, illumination distribution is as follows:

The region's average illumination of 116 lux, the minimum illumination of 79 lux

7. The use of the cost of the system analysis

The design, for three consecutive buildings, install a row of 600 100-watt electronic sodium lamp, the cost is estimated as follows:

A. 600 (sets) lights

B. shed the main line of 6 square aluminum 2500 meters,

C. 60 inside the waterproof switch,

D across the use of dual-core 1 square mm jacket copper wire 6000 meters:

E. stainless steel distribution box 3:

F. Construction: 20 persons / day,

G. spare material spare

The system uses the electronic high pressure sodium lamp, is the next generation of high pressure sodium lamp products, and inductive high pressure sodium lamp compared:

Saving more than 30%, light source life doubled, less than half of the light attenuation, single lamp failure rate dropped by more than 80% (inductive sodium lamp starter average switch life of less than 1000 times, the failure rate is high), and can be very good Support intermittent fill light, light intensity is more uniform, so that the consistency of chrysanthemum growth better. Initial installation workload decreased by 70%. The total cost of the initial installation is 40% higher.

8. fill light installation instructions

Lamp installation height: installed to the top of the greenhouse 3.5 meters away from the ground, the effective height greater than 3.3 meters (the smooth surface to the ground distance), adjust the reflector angle of 90 degrees.

Lamp installation: lifting, you can remove the middle of the end of the ball screw as a fixed point of threading.

To ensure that the lamp is tightened, it can easily lead to damage to the light source.

9. Distribution and control

The system uses 220V single-phase two-wire power supply, 600 100-watt high pressure sodium lamp, the minimum needs of 60 KVA power supply capacity, the actual consumption of electricity about 60 degrees per hour. Typical full load operating current less than 100 A (three-phase balance), from the transformer power distribution room out of the main line, the lowest choice of 50 square millimeters of 4-core aluminum cable (main line length less than 200 meters), or 70 square millimeters 4 core aluminum cable (main line length greater than 200 meters).

From the main line to each shed can be connected with the cooling fan, sulfur fumigation, the lowest choice of 10 square meters of 4-core aluminum cable (length less than 200 meters), or 16 square millimeters of 4-core aluminum cable (When the length is greater than 200 meters). Cooling fans, sulfur fumigation and fill light must be used in a timely manner, that is not the same time closing (chrysanthemum cultivation does not require them to work at the same time).

Each shed need to fill light, fumigation, fans were installed at least one distribution box, the following only for the light distribution box to explain.

For the area of 20 acres of the Union, fill light distribution box with two empty open (40A), two timers and two contactors (60A), contactor outlet two groups, three-phase six-way 220V Output, outlet selection 6 square aluminum wire, or 4 square copper wire. Each way three-phase power supply with a zero line, so a total of eight single-core line. Each way the line of fire for the 4-span power supply, each time 10 lights, each one installed a switch, each span within the line with a square double-core copper wire.

Supply voltage to allow fluctuations in the range, single to 176V ~ 264V.

All components selected in line with the national standard industrial products.

The full power factor of the fill light is greater than 0.98.

10. Acceptance method

Illumination: Refer to the software simulation results for verification. Error within 10% of qualified.

Power: meet design parameters;

Control System:

Basic functions: manual start, stop, automatic timer automatically stop.

Protection function: overheat protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection.

11. Warranty

Our company provides one year of free tracking and maintenance of the products offered.

Due to non-human misuse and non-natural force majeure and other reasons caused by my company to provide the light system components damage, our company provides warranty service, the starting time in accordance with the acceptance time to start calculation.


High pressure sodium light source: in the absence of damage in the case, 1 year free replacement.

Lighting components: 1 year free repair or replacement.

12. Payment method

Payment within 7 days.