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Chinese flowers in January 2014 11 published an interview with general manager Zhang Yiwen Moses

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China needs to fill 20 years close to the European level

In recent years, along with the market of flower quality requirements increase, the flowers greenhouse facilities have developed rapidly, lighting as an important part of greenhouse flower production, more and more producers attention, but China flowers fill is still in the primary stage. At present, how to fill the application of flower production equipment, can copy the European model? In response to these problems, the reporter interviewed the president of Shanghai Zhi Nong Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhang Yiwen.
Smart core Lennon company was founded in 2012, but the general manager Zhang Yiwen from 2009 began to engage in agricultural facilities lighting technology development and system research and extension work, very understanding of the domestic agricultural flowers lighting equipment market. "In Chinese, the total annual electricity consumption of agricultural enterprises flowers fill about 50 million yuan (including tissue culture), there are about 500 flower enterprises fill equipment." Zhang Yiwen said, but the domestic level of flower consumption low, flower sales of small and low cost, large fluctuations in the market, so the flower planting enterprises is very sensitive to the cost of the light equipment used at low cost products, mainly used for tissue culture and inhibit flower bud differentiation generally must be used in the production process, rather than to improve the yield of flower products and quality. Among them, the largest amount of light cut chrysanthemum, followed by poinsettia, Rieger Begonia, Begonia tuberhybrida, oriole, Kalanchoe, Zygocactus, Kim Il-Sung flowers etc.. Phalaenopsis, Anthurium, pineapple and other mainstream potted flower does not fill the "major", although the 3 kinds of flowers need large light intensity, but whether it is light or electricity equipment investment costs, will lead to loss of planting. "Drew Shi pineapple finished flower planting fill experiments show that the Shanghai area to ensure the basic needs of pineapple sunshine. Compared with sunshine, the artificial light supply rate is very low, which can not improve the planting effect obviously. And fill test in North China Anthurium and Phalaenopsis test, fill in the Liaoning area of Clivia obtained almost the same conclusion: illumination fill was not significantly reduced plant growth cycle, improving the quality of flowers bring benefits to offset electricity costs, not to mention the equipment investment." Zhang Yiwen says.
In addition, there are many problems in the process of flower enterprise fill equipment, electrical safety first. "Many enterprises electricity hazards occur every year in electric fire accident, such as distribution box does not conform to the safety regulations, the main line and the main outlet are zero line overload, overheating is the most common and serious; the main transformer overload, overload and overheat; aluminum wire power supply line, aging fast; lamps waterproof level low lamp lamp damage and resulted in water leakage; aging line joint overheating." Zhang Yiwen says. In addition, most enterprises do not know how to save energy. They need professional technicians to guide and improve the efficiency through scientific planning and management.
At present, the European flower producers are large and light illumination, lighting system cost and greenhouse construction cost close to China's flower enterprises can copy the European model? "I think this is not realistic, but the European version of the professional lighting system in the short term will not be Chinese flower production enterprise scale application, unless there is a light equipment subsidy policy and electricity subsidy policy." Zhang Yiwen said, the European sunshine condition is poor, but the price is low, flower planting strong profitability, lighting equipment subsidies, fill the proportion of sales revenue relative to the cost of flowers is very low, so the European producers have the conditions with large scale illumination light. Our lighting equipment without subsidies, high price, low price and most flowers, sunshine conditions better than the European coastal flower producing areas, does not require a large general illumination light. "Light industry to develop, we must Chinese and the development of modern agriculture from production to be synchronized, can yield to high quality, this is the Chinese development path of modern agriculture, the development path is lighting technology, products, market fill fill. In support of policy, I think China need 20 years to close the current European light industry development level." Zhang Yiwen said, for the flower industry, lighting equipment company to provide professional products for high-end enterprises, but also to advance; to provide low-priced products for professional end enterprise, ensure availability and low failure rate; for the low-end enterprises and farmers, to safe production for the first goal, to provide the lowest cost products.
Flower differentiation inhibited the use of products fill table
Energy saving lighting equipment tips:
1. using copper wire power supply, can save more than 10%.
2. high quality full sealed copper wire high pressure sodium lamp can save about 5% energy.
3., the use of digital sodium lamp and professional reflector, you can save about 40%.
4. inductance sodium lamp use reactive power in situ compensation, can save power about 5%.
5., choose the appropriate energy-saving lamp reflector, you can use smaller power saving lights, can save 20%.
The 6. batch fill technology is more advanced, can save more than 60%, but also did not see the scale of the success of application, has realized enterprise strict confidentiality of technology.
7. transformer position is reasonable and unreasonable, can save power by more than 10%
The above energy-saving technologies are not all available at the same time; can be used at the same time, energy-saving effect is not superimposed relationship.

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