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Released standard cut chrysanthemum fill comments version V0.1

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Chapter one: origin and purpose of standards

The sacrifice of fresh cut chrysanthemum in Chinese has large-scale cultivation for many years, "cut chrysanthemum fill standard" can help enterprises to reduce the initial installation cost, improve the management level, improve efficiency.
Cut chrysanthemum fill to control flowering, on one hand the plant reaches a certain specifications before at the same time, flower bud differentiation and bud inoculation, on the other hand to ensure the realization of the annual production.
At present, there is no uniform standard chrysanthemum light technology, emerging enterprise learning technology from the old enterprise. In this process, the enterprise of light intensity, light selection, arrangement, installation wiring, control box, use method and so on, all have their own understanding and operation, resulting in widespread lack of light intensity is not uniform, power failure, high energy consumption, part there are serious security risks and not until, causing serious losses may not understand the reason.
"Standard" to fill cut chrysanthemum flower is the enterprise to provide technical reference for light cut chrysanthemum seedling and, in the light of system design, operation, maintenance, transformation process, provide rigorous theoretical and practical verification methods, avoid the waste of human and financial resources in enterprises on issues related to fill.
This standard uses plain language, to help the enterprise profit as the fundamental starting point, take a modest and prudent, open and tolerant attitude, welcome industry experts and gradually improve.
The second chapter Qieju fill method and parameters
I. overview
There are three basic problems of supplemental lighting system, to solve these problems will be solved fill problem, is to use the limited resources to achieve the best efficiency.
1. types: choose to select light spectrum, choose light is selected spectrum.
2. lights: lighting installation arrangement arrangement determines the light intensity and uniformity and power level.
3. how to use: when to turn on the lights and when to turn off the lights.
Two, light intensity and time
Light intensity issues requiring attention include:
1., many brands of illumination table, and its accuracy is very different, as many as 40%. The following data is based on the TES1332A illuminance meter. After verification, more than one model is used for comparison. The difference is very small.
2. light required light intensity is not absolute, and a lot of factors, such as different light intensity on different varieties of chrysanthemum, but a reliable illumination exists. The following is a reliable illumination illumination, the illumination of the Guanchu seedlings.
3. the following illumination shall be based on high pressure sodium lamp and white energy-saving lamp.
Irradiation time: the conventional irradiation time was 22:00~2:00. Taking into account the insufficient power supply capacity, you can use the first half of the night + after midnight way, that is, the first half of the night 8:00~0:00, half of the radiation; after midnight 0:00~4:00 irradiation on the other half of the base. The irradiation time is related to weather, variety and latitude, and the irradiation time should be adjusted according to the actual situation.
Three, the spectrum (i.e. light general) selection
Ideally, the spectral center might be between 660~720nm, which is the red range. More from this range, we need more light to achieve the purpose of inhibiting flower bud differentiation, and in a certain wavelength of the light, less than 20Lux may be able to achieve control of flowering, but the specific spectrum is no accepted conclusion.
The theory of spectral center lamp is 589.2nm, the actual products, 590~610nm can be made between two peaks, this will make the light effect is better. The spectrum of sodium lamps is within this range, and the high pressure sodium lamp that is not in this range must not be sodium lamps, because the spectrum corresponding to the sodium element is this range.
Energy saving lamps are very dispersive and can have a wide variety of spectra. Because the lighting uses the biggest amount of white light energy-saving lamps, so the cheapest.
LED lights have a variety of spectral, using LED to achieve flowering control, can not determine how much illumination, because different spectral illuminance is different, can only be confirmed by the technician through the experiment.
The spectrum of incandescent lamps is not ideal, but it is the most comprehensive and closest to the sun's rays. Simply look at the spectrum of incandescent lamp, is not suitable for cut chrysanthemum fill, because most of the energy in the spectrum are completely useless, useful spectrum less, so they need more power, so a lot of power. Incandescent lamps have basically been eliminated by the industry.
Three, lights, light emitting arrangement, light
Direct effect of density light illumination effect and cost. Methods and techniques will give different key arrangement below the light greenhouse.
The principle of light is light:
1. make sure the direct light is sent down as much as possible, rather than directly to the roof of the shed.
2. lights and mounting arrangement, can make as much as possible to the light planting area, rather than the side of the shed.
3. good light, can ensure that the lamp under no light spot, everywhere uniform illumination.
Four, fill skills
1.: fill in fill time interval within the same range, a period of time (e.g. 15 minutes) off for a period of time (15 minutes) to open again, can achieve continuous light also inhibited flower bud differentiation. This conclusion is likely to be established, but each planting base must be verified on a small scale before large-scale use of this method.
2. two light: the light eliminating (complete vegetative growth, flower bud differentiation is the first step to stop the night light, called fire light) after eleventh days ~15 days, fill the night of the 5 day, all night, can make better quality of flower petals. The use of this technology is under the guidance of a technician.
Third chapter light type and technology
Cut chrysanthemum fill

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