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Chinese report published in April 5, 2014 - flower chrysanthemum HPS supplementary lighting system upgrade

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1. Preface
In China, the total number of cut chrysanthemum fill equipment application and the total power accounted for more than 90% of the flowers may reach fill (not including tissue), and high pressure sodium lamp in cut chrysanthemum lighting products, accounting for more than 60%. Over the years, the method and technique of using high-pressure sodium lamp mouth. Through practice, a whole set of unwritten application technical standards has been formed in the industry, but from the point of view of electrical and optics, there is still room for further improvement.
The premise of the lowest cost, how to improve the system of cut chrysanthemum fill? This paper introduces several methods of cut chrysanthemum planting enterprises of HPS supplementary lighting system upgrade.
2. upgrade lamps, reflectors benefit the best
Reflectors, which are commonly known as lampshades, are designed to reflect the light emitted from the bulb as evenly as possible onto the planting surface. At present the main green enamel shade, the general price of less than 8 yuan, has the advantages of easy procurement, discoloration does not disadvantage is reflective of low efficiency, poor effect, as shown in figure a, the gathering spot lights, using a 150 Watt High pressure sodium lamp irradiation for 8*8 square meters, the edge of low illumination; use two years later part of the lampshade began stitching seam cracking phenomenon and scrap.
Figure 1. A green enamel shade that results in insufficient central lighting and ambient illumination; an excellent lampshade reflects light more evenly onto the implant surface.
Excellent lampshade should have the following characteristics. The first is to put the lamp light more uniform irradiation in the planting area, no obvious bright spot edge illumination is higher, the irradiated area is bigger; second is the reflection of high efficiency, the surface of the lampshade material absorbs light; oxidation resistance, long service life; in the first picture, no red bright spots (right) than green enamel shade (left), in the range of 8*8 m, the lowest illuminance is 30% higher than that which is adopted to avoid the light spot center, better distribution to the surrounding and realize.
The 3. light source of high light efficiency, long life can improve the quality of Chrysanthemum
The source of high pressure sodium lamp commonly known as lighting, providing light orange based on 610nm is used to regulate the flowering time of chrysanthemum.
High pressure sodium lamp can be divided into ordinary light bulbs, high efficiency lighting and agricultural lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp technology is very mature, the industry is dominated by ordinary light bulbs. The characteristics of ordinary light bulb is low price (150 hualla Ming 40 yuan), easy to purchase, the disadvantage is the low efficiency and high photosynthetic efficiency than about 10%, decay faster; high efficiency lighting slightly higher price, slightly better performance. There is no accepted brand and reliable supply, which restricts the scale application of this cost-effective product. In fact, the mainstream brands have a high efficiency lamp products. Agricultural is an international agricultural light lamp special high-pressure sodium lamp, certified products rarely, PHILPS and GE lighting several products is the common, but only 400 watts and above specifications, which is characterized by spectrum limited to adjust plant nutrition growth, luminous efficiency of about 30%. Higher than ordinary lamp life is longer, but the price is expensive than ordinary domestic bulb about 5 times (US GE lighting 400 Watt lamp farm about 170 yuan).
For cut chrysanthemum cultivation, can be used in high efficiency lamp, almost without increasing costs, can significantly improve the illumination, especially bulb aging replacement, only this one, the illumination may be increased by 30%.
On the left side of figure two is Ya Ming ordinary lamp, the luminous efficiency of about 90 LM / W; in the figure is Burghardt high efficiency lamp, luminous efficiency of 100 LM / W; the GE agricultural lamp, luminous efficiency of about 130 LM / W; the ideal spectrum, the blue line represents the plant nutrients required for growth.
4. it is necessary to install the terminal compensation capacitor (current sink) to reduce the current
The so-called end compensation is a very mature technical problem, the principle of which we do not discuss. This product has many advantages, low cost and long service life, especially the application of high pressure sodium lamp to fill chrysanthemum. From the actual installation of the following effects, we can see its significance.
The essence of terminal compensation is to substantially reduce the current in the power supply system by over 50%. The benefits include:
1., line loss decreased by 75%, which is a big figure, in some cut chrysanthemum base, which means that more than 10% power saving, the line length of more than 500 meters, may save 20%.
2., the line fault dropped by 80% (estimated), the current becomes smaller, the line will no longer overheat, the line fault will be less.
3. the voltage will rise to a reasonable level, and the light at the end of the line will be able to shine properly, but no longer because the voltage is too low to make it very dark or unable to start.
4., the use of reasonable end compensation, equivalent to the transformer capacity doubled, the same transformer can be installed more than twice the number of lights, no transformer expansion.
5. the supplementary lighting system inductance compensation can be used at the end of the lamp, the power supply line is more fine, because the current is decreased by more than 50%. General wire installation cost can drop more than 60%.
At the end of 6. the compensation can be saved in the distribution of the large capacitance cabinet, save a large installation costs; capacitor cabinet has been installed, the capacitor will greatly extend the life of.
7., the use of end compensation, can avoid the absence of compensation arising from the power company fines, such fines generally from a few hundred to more than one thousand yuan each month.
8., the use of end compensation, the line aging will be significantly reduced, the power supply system will greatly increase the useful life.
Installation of end compensation, the actual effect can be clearly seen from the following data.
Illumination result
Rainbow table (old)
New table


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