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To fill professional test of Rieger Begonia

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In large-scale production, to achieve through the light of Rieger Begonia flower bud differentiation inhibition technology, has been plagued by practitioners, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. At the beginning of October to mid November, Shanghai core Chi Industrial Co. Ltd. Lennon will plant light "the development of Hongdian, greenhouse production is applied to the Beijing Rieger Begonia growers Li Yang, a period of the end of the experiment," Hong Dian "can make 80% of Rieger Begonia seedlings not flowering, flowering seedlings growth contributed to consistency however, ordinary energy-saving lamps can only achieve about 60% results.
In recent years the rise of Rieger Begonia "small potted plant production boom, a high degree of concern, but the scale of production has certain technical threshold, resulting in the finished product rate is not ideal, some novice can achieve the rate of finished products are mostly in the 50% to 75%. Improving yield is an important indicator for farmers to achieve profitability. Through the inhibition of seedling bud differentiation so as to realize the consistency of products in the flowering phase, is one of the important factors affecting the rate of finished products, this point by the reasonable fill to achieve. "Ordinary lamp does not work, the light effect is not ideal, this point is always difficult to break through the bottleneck in production." Li Yang bluntly, she rented the Beijing Haojing horticultural production base of Rieger Begonia for a year and a half time for willing to study, is also willing to accept new ideas, test lights "Hongdian" falls on her.
This test is carried out in the "Barkis" series of Rieger begonia. In October 5th, Li Yang will start the same day planting seedlings, fill test, selection of lamps "Hongdian 26 watts", using the number 30 lamp, lamp and lamp spacing of vertical and horizontal is 2 meters, along the upper part of the plant under the lamp distance of 0.6 meters, fill time every day in the 2:00 to 8:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 two a period of time, the purpose is to extend the seedlings of Rieger Begonia light time, inhibited flower bud differentiation. To fill effect objective understanding of new fixtures, test set control, in other conditions are equal, the use of commercially available common energy-saving lamps "Qianwang 36 watts" synchronization effect.
There are many factors affecting flower bud differentiation of Rieger Begonia, in addition to the illumination time, but also related with the temperature, the quality of seedlings, especially temperature. Practitioners generally believe that suitable growth temperature of 18 DEG to 24 DEG Rieger Begonia, the lowest temperature is higher, by means of the control of flower bud differentiation of light effect is better, that is the temperature control at 23 to 24 DEG C, the control effect of flower bud differentiation in seedling can achieve the ideal, but it is the cost of heating for growers a challenge, especially in the production control night temperature in winter. In this experiment, the night temperature in the greenhouse was controlled at 16 degrees centigrade. The cost of heating conditions acceptable, inhibit the flower bud differentiation effect by light, there is a certain degree of difficulty, this also makes the fill test with seeking a more reasonable economic significance.
Fill test lasted half a month, Li Yang carefully observe the "period of Hongdian 26 watts and 36 watts of Qianwang" light, there is no Rieger Begonia flowering and growth of seedlings. "Overall," Hongdian "lights than ordinary energy-saving lamp with good effect, it is mainly to provide the light closer to the sun. In terms of the percentage of plants that inhibit flower bud differentiation, "Rainbow code" improved by 20% compared to ordinary lights." Li Yang evaluation. Now fill this batch of seedlings has ended, in order to obtain more accurate results, a new round of testing is still in progress.
Shanghai smart core Lennon Industrial Co. Ltd is "Hong Dian" of the family, the product developer Zhang Yiwen, plant growth has been the lack of professional lighting, the growers use the most common or ordinary energy-saving lamps, the professional is not strong, so that the light effect is the same. He hopes to improve the lamps on the market according to the requirements of plants, because plants can fill with lights, lamps for industry are "insignificant", enterprises are not willing to invest the cost to develop, until last year when the lamp manufacturer willing to cooperate. In February this year, "Hong Dian" samples, to give free flower growers use test, by the end of November, after experiment in cut chrysanthemum production has been promoting the use of about 10 thousand light, and the application of Rieger Begonia this is just the first step.
Compared with the common energy-saving lamp, "Hong Dian" reflects the professional lighting plant. First, from the spectrum, Zhang Yiwen view spectral research at home and abroad for many years on the plants to absorb information, the final choice of 650 to 660 nm wavelength, the development of "Hong Dian" can be distributed this plant "most needed light"; second, because the production places of high humidity, agricultural lamps need waterproof. The ordinary energy-saving lamps because the heat lamp, with a hole in the case of easy water vapor, moisture into the easy broken, "Hong Dian" improved circuit, reduce the heat sealing holes, achieve waterproof; third, farmers in the use of light, because the current is too large to cause the circuit tripping current Hongdian 26 watts "compared to the same power saving lamps, a reduction of nearly 40%, more power supply safety; fourth, the unique shade the light distribution is more reasonable. Zhang Yiwen believes that from the professional plant required spectral terms, professional LED can achieve better effect, but the cost of LED is high, let farmers from the existing energy-saving lamps one step to LED, cost off sad, "Hong Dian" series of lights is a transition between the two. Li Yang also said, "Hong Dian" close to the installation cost of energy-saving lamps, the use of power is relatively low, the total cost of energy-saving lamp with little difference, easy to accept.

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