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General Manager Zhang Yiwen invited to Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University to do "plant light theory" lectures

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2015.3.24 afternoon, School of forestry and biotechnology Zhejiang Agricultural University invited us Shanghai Lennon company general manager Zhang Yiwen smart core research in the school of forestry and bio technology has two meeting rooms for the presence of the landlord professors and members of postgraduate study done on the "theory" of plant growth seminar.
Attend the lecture has a technical adviser of our company's core intellectual Lennon from America Marian University, Dr. Huang Shengyi, Institute of forestry and Biotechnology of Zhejiang Forestry University professor Wu Jiasheng, executive Dean Professor Ye Qing, associate professor, Dr. Bai Yan Hu Yuanyuan and other related teacher tutors and related graduate students.
In the lecture, Zhang first to "phoenix" (fill test a flower) the story leads everyone to fill in the plant, and then manager Zhang told the teacher and classmates introduced what is plant growth? Study on plant growth how should we start? To facilitate plant growth has been relatively basic. Then a more detailed and systematic we described the plant growth knowledge, finally in the past major business units of the project practice and experience to discuss with you how to communicate clearly described in the greenhouse system and research direction of lighting plants fill the needs of the system and plan how to tender selection and acceptance standards actual case the domestic and foreign application field of plant growth of the company.
In the lecture of a total of "assimilation" after all, Wu Jiasheng Dean Professor Ye Qing, Associate Professor Bai Yan teacher consistent expression of Dr. Huang Shengyi Zhang Zonghe was invited to speak of gratitude and thanks to Zhang in the construction and exchange fill the theory of representation.

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