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The motion was submitted to the plant Lighting Association (2)

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From the start to enhance the photoperiodic regulation of chrysanthemum flowers fill the development level of the industry
Item name: dawn light
In the past 20 years, the facility agriculture practice, we found that the lighting market demand can be divided into three main parts
First, large illumination light nutrition. The status quo is the large-scale industrial applications only Tianjin Dashun a group of enterprises. Including the industry is not recognized: 1. light illumination nutrition prices of agricultural products is relatively light and electricity price is very low, the light illumination to promote agricultural products yield almost confirmed is not profitable. The comprehensive level of 2. agricultural technology is still relatively backward, the regulation of water, fertilizer, gas temperature, and the light of these five parameters, in addition to the adjustment cost of the other four parameters other than light is low, and the development is not sufficient, the artificial lighting illumination condition is improved the cost is very high, and have become a bottleneck to improve the benefits of using artificial lighting, improve production conditions are not ripe.
Second, fill in. Tissue culture by artificial light is an inevitable requirement, the main use of straight fluorescent lamps, which is the focus of the next few years LED application direction. But the LED products in the industry in the application of tissue culture, we found that the effect of energy saving and promote large gap and high failure rate and high cost, the key is, tissue culture of different crops have different requirements for the spectrum, resulting in LED tissue culture lamp has been widely recognized in large scale.
Third, photopedod fill. Photoperiodic regulation is a necessary condition for off-season planting in some short day flower production. For a long time, because there are few lights enterprises related to product development, product fill agricultural enterprises from the general lighting products in the common market, such as spiral energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp inductance, recently saw LED.
First, to enhance the level of development of the light industry needs to start from the photoperiodic regulation
The aim of photoperiodic regulation is to adjust the flowering time of short day plants by artificial light to achieve anti season production or anniversary production. Photoperiodic regulation needs a weak light, general nutrition light 1%~10% lamp with low cost, but its benefit is obviously. Common flower including fresh cut chrysanthemum, poinsettia, Rieger Begonia, Kalanchoe, dahlia, Huang Yinghua, basil etc..
The application of light photoperiodic regulation is almost entirely from the production demand, the country's total installed capacity of more than 150 thousand KW, the total electricity consumption is equivalent to a county-level city, different, and Europe and other developed countries in Chinese agricultural facilities, for the photoperiodic control of the total installed power capacity is far greater than the total capacity of power for lights vegetative growth.
Firms using light cycle control are widely distributed in coastal provinces, but Guangdong, Yunnan and Zhejiang are the most.
These lights with inductance high voltage sodium lamp, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp spiral, advanced electronic high-pressure sodium lamp and LED, has been trying to. Practice has proved that the professional design of electronic sodium lamp and LED is the development direction of application, which is in line with the international development trend. For the present, professional products can save electricity, 50%~90% ranging. Its professional design is reflected in the spectrum range of 660~700 nm, or (to high-pressure sodium lamp as an example), luminous efficiency of 100 lumens per watt, effective photosynthesis radiation about 1umol/sw, and ensure uniform light distribution. The current energy-saving lamp enterprises to use the huge number of the defects is the spectrum and light distribution is not reasonable, only to increase the power to compensate, so huge energy consumption and efficiency; low pressure sodium lamp inductance, reactive power loss is very large, coupled with no reflector design, lead user process, power supply shortage and low efficiency the incandescent lamp; extremely low efficiency, is the industry consensus, but for a reason of low cost investment, some enterprises still use.
Two, from the fresh cut chrysanthemum industry to promote efficient energy-saving professional products, the highest application feasibility
Fresh cut flower chrysanthemum is one of several China production and sales of the largest, planting area of 20 thousand acres or more, about 90% of the area in the lighting system. According to the photoperiodic regulation of crop varieties, fresh cut chrysanthemum is the largest and most professional lamps, but also the most stringent, fresh cut chrysanthemum lighting system upgrade, the development of flower industry and agricultural facilities affect the application of maximum fill.
Fresh cut chrysanthemum industry chain development mature, clear product standards and technical standards in modern agricultural planting, typical (industrial production) production mode of operation, the species, seedling, flowering, distribution, export trade by different enterprises, high degree of specialization; industrial layout has been relatively mature, and high-end enterprise development of enterprises, start-up enterprises reasonable ratio of enterprise risk management level is significantly higher than that of other flowers; fresh cut chrysanthemum products are mainly used in the funeral ritual industry over the past 20 years, mainly exported to South Korea and Japan, but from 2014, the domestic market is developing rapidly, thanks to the China advance of civilization sweep, thus a huge space for development.
Fresh cut chrysanthemum light electricity accounted for about 30% of all flowers, large-scale enterprises, leading the industry best, is the development of efficient lighting technology the best starting point.
The electronic lamp professional design alternative inductance sodium lamp, a professional design LED alternative energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps, the most obvious energy-saving effect, but the relative cost of professional products is slightly higher, but if there is a level of government financial subsidies to support, in a short period of time can accelerate the professional products should be used, thereby significantly reducing the cost and sales price the resulting power saving

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