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The president submitted a motion to the plant Lighting Association (1)

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To solve the problem of greenhouse vegetable planting fill in winter in the north of
Project Name: snowlines
In the past 20 years, China initially completed the field of agricultural subsidies and agricultural facilities of subsidies, to solve the agricultural modernization and agricultural facilities preliminary blank, the implementation of agricultural facilities and equipment subsidies next, improve the efficiency of facility agriculture is the inevitable choice.
The snow line north of the region, the winter fruit and vegetable production is the main goal of the construction of the greenhouse, but the agriculture and farmers are common: in order to ensure the greenhouse warming, had to use straw or quilt for greenhouse, resulting in the lack of sunshine in winter in most areas sooner or later, 2 months can not produce.
The provinces are trying to fill device and method. On the one hand, suitable for high-end artificial lighting equipment market in Europe is very expensive, farmers can not afford; on the other hand, the majority of low-priced products to meet the requirements, mainly reflected in the low luminous efficiency, light quality, low light utilization rate, high failure rate, can not meet the growing needs.
The situation, Chinese North agricultural facilities lack of winter snow light
The total count of millions of hectares of greenhouse has been built and put into use, but because the insulation needs, a day sooner or later need to cover for greenhouse insulation mats or quilts, resulting in effective sunshine time was shortened, and the winter sunshine intensity was relatively weak. This eventually leads to the most in winter 2 months or even longer, crops can not be normal and the lack of supply of vegetables every year period, but not at all levels of agricultural production, farmers worried, wait for high priced exotic vegetables at a loss what to do, to occupy the market.
Two, misunderstanding
Misunderstanding facing domestic industry is mainly light "copy europe".
Europe is the world's most developed agricultural facilities area, artificial lighting application has 50 years of history, fill technology and light products are mature and stable. They are using the lights for the industrialization of planting requirements and design, and is in accordance with the local climate conditions, annual sunshine insufficient design. The lamps are of good quality with high price, but only for the very strong comprehensive strength of European ecological agriculture (industry segments, high input and high output, high technology, high quality and high price, auction and futures market expectations stable matching) and climatic conditions.
At present, China fill, first not to solve the problem of high quality and high yield, but not enough to solve the production problems in winter ". From "no" to "productive", "from" to "preliminary", "high yield" to "high yield", "high yield" and "high quality", it is a roadmap for the development of China's protected agriculture. It takes 50 years in Europe, and we use it for up to 20 years.
Europe solved the problem 50 years ago by adopting the lowest cost incandescent lamp. Now we are absolutely necessary to adopt a low cost solution, down-to-earth from low cost products to seek a breakthrough, gradually improve the quality of efficiency, maintain the lighting application technology, light products and China agricultural comprehensive strength development; on the other hand, see from the China high-end enterprise, the introduction of seed varieties grown in Europe in the China, fill technical parameters of the actual implementation must be a major adjustment, because climatic conditions vary greatly. Generally, the introduction of European planting varieties in China, fill planting parameters (cost) are significantly lower than in Europe, because the natural sunlight intensity Chinese significantly better than the European origin area, fill the actual needs of the required parameters is much less than European technology.
In short, agricultural facilities fill technology and product application, according to the actual requirements of China low cost, combined with the relatively low level of agricultural technology and facilities, also fill low actual target, can not copy the European model.
Three, Chinese light greenhouse plants
For the largest number, operated by advanced farmers, fruit and vegetable greenhouses have solved problems for light, has the most important significance. Increase farmers' income and greatly reduce the dish north south transport logistics costs, greatly improve the disaster risk of local vegetable supply, agricultural facilities lighting is one of the bottlenecks, in many areas, has become the most pressing problem.
The high-pressure sodium lamp for light, can solve the plant survival, flowering, fruit setting rate and other basic problems, meet the low cost and long service life requirements.
The plants fill (i.e. not like Europe with top illuminated light), is able to take advantage of the effectiveness of the European HPS technology fully proved, and can improve the utilization rate of the light (the light onto the plants, the light utilization rate is the highest).
Unlike Europe's 1000 Watt High pressure sodium lamp, China uses 150 watts and below high pressure sodium lamps, which are low in cost and operation (power consumption), and are acceptable to farmers to ensure winter production needs.
Fluorescent lamps (CFL) products is not suitable for fruit fill. First, the photosynthetic efficiency of fluorescent lights is low. Its light eyes feel bright, because the fluorescent lamp is based on human feelings, after decades of research results, but the plants are feeling is not very bright, from a global perspective, no large-scale application of fluorescent lamp light. But different by high-pressure sodium lamp high pressure sodium lamp, the fact that the vast majority of plant growth from the international perspective, we can think that the plant of "energy-saving lamp" is a high pressure sodium lamp.
The reason for not using LED is that it is expensive and immature.
Four, the development and application of plant growth cannot do without the support of the government
The first year of advanced farmers have grown from the greenhouse to recognize the consequences caused by the lack of light in winter, and continue to try. From incandescent lamp, straight tube fluorescent lamp, straight tube energy-saving lamp, rare earth

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