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China agricultural market segmentation and product strategy fill fill

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Abstract: by 2014, the agricultural development China modern facilities has gone through at least 15 years, the agricultural industry began to fill the rigid demand, small though scattered, but some enterprises and scientific research units have been able to present technical indicators clear, rather than simply according to foreign technology provided by the standard operation. Different applications require different product specifications and characteristics, and the market segments are in initial shape.
Key words: This paper fill China theory of market segmentation, fill fill agricultural product strategy
First, Wen Luo greenhouse lighting
The density of the network is larger, the construction cost per square meter is about 500 yuan ~1000 yuan, almost all of the government investment projects, mainly for display projects. The use of high pressure sodium lights, including inductance ballast and electronic ballast for high pressure sodium lamp products, domestic products to 400 watts. The light source is mainly made of PHILPS and GE, and the light source of ordinary light sodium lamp is used in a small number of projects. It is estimated that the total installed capacity is about 40 thousand sets so far.
This kind of greenhouse is built on the Greenhouse Inc package turnkey mode, Greenhouse Inc is the flash purchase, selection of light is generally determined according to the Greenhouse Inc and the government related department budget negotiations, because of the greenhouse design and construction generally do not use the participation system to design, fill "application" for reference. Typical applications using 400 Watt High pressure sodium lamp, part of the project using mixed fill high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp to compensate for insufficient blue.
The application of the largest China Dashun group in Tianjin, sources of funding to support the government, the Beijing relai star 6000 600 Watt 380V lamp electronic ballast, is the only use for the production of (different from scientific experiments or agriculture demonstration project) of the optical system, its efficiency and profitability remains to be seen, but can be judged high power electronic ballast lamp is the mainstream direction of this industry.
In this field, LED has little chance. The main reason is that the product price is high, and there is no benchmark applications. From the technical progress of LED luminous efficiency, from the application status of European greenhouse, LED will take several years to replace high pressure sodium lamp in the greenhouse, or will not replace it.
Two, the artificial climate room light
The artificial climate chamber is almost all scientific research institutes, the most large-scale artificial climate chamber in glass greenhouse into a chamber, through high pressure sodium supplement the lack of sunshine; there are some artificial light, the mixed use of high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, including indoor temperature control, ventilation system.
And the veins fill greenhouse system, a small display function artificial climate chamber, with practical give priority to, serve the typical research projects, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of plant physiology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Zhejiang Kasetsart University project, these projects are the construction of the Greenhouse Inc.
The application of reliability, customers pay attention to light. But because of the light user units within the relatively few people, the problem of decision-making on the PAR luminous efficiency, light attenuation, uniformity, shading rate is still a general understanding of the stage, has not been able to put forward the index requirements, also do not have enough means to verify.
Estimation of the artificial climate room lights use less than 20 thousand of total only 400 Watt sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, 600 watts and above the specifications of products are relatively rare.
For practical application requirements and the experimental part, the artificial climate chamber test in LED lighting products, for the same reason the cost is high, the effect is not very prominent, has not found the large-scale application of LED in the artificial climate chamber, but for some application requirements of lighting installation height is very low, there are opportunities for LED.
Three, fill in
The traditional culture of the use of straight tube fluorescent lamp, cold white or warm white products, the majority of tissue culture room area is not large, but the number could reach tens of thousands of straight tube fluorescent lamp, generally use 12 hours a day, huge power consumption, more damage.
In the field of scientific research and production, the use of tissue culture is a rigid demand, there is a clear technical requirements, production enterprises on the quality requirements of lamps more stringent, change more cautious. Their demands include better spectrum structure, more power saving, lower failure rate, and longer life, so they are the main application direction of LED.
LED product development should focus on the spectrum is more suitable, PAR higher luminous efficiency, lower attenuation, better light angle, better off light uniformity, thereby reducing energy consumption. Unfortunately, improve efficiency at the same time, may face more complex technical requirements, different crops may require different tissue culture LED lights, general LED tissue culture products will make trade-offs in performance, is a special tissue culture LED lamp product line is a difficult choice for manufacturer of lamps.
Four, plant factory lighting
The potential of plant is very large, it is a medium and long term trend, but the technical threshold is high, the investment density is big, and the comprehensive cost is high, so that it is in the market brewing stage in the short term. Under the influence of Japan and Taiwan, a small number of scientific research units began to try, the goal is to explore technical models and analyze possible business models. Commercial plant plants have not yet been seen, so there is no rigid business need.
The factory is LED typical application of plant fill demand, is the main market LED give full play to the advantages of the.
In this application, the luminous efficiency of LED is the key parameter, and if the luminous efficiency is increased by 50% (about 1.2umol/J) at the right time of the spectrum, the market will undergo significant changes, according to LED

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