About Us


 Shanghai Agrismart Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 2012, the company is committed to providing users with modern agricultural production and the need for light-related system solutions, has become the most professional ability and the level of the light system suppliers.

We work closely with internationally renowned breeders and growers to test and research on the market's mainstream flower products and new varieties that are about to be marketed. Understand and explore plant growth characteristics, focus on plant growth by means of technology Provide the best environment and in line with the user's market demand for plant intervention. At present, progress has been made and is being carried out in the research project of miniature roses, Anthurium, Calla lily, Ginger Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia, Longevity Flower, Crab claw, Rige Begonia, Rice and so on.

According to our research results, we independently put forward the "light total analysis and control theory" and successfully achieved product applications, access to good market response. On this basis, we are carrying out more sophisticated research and development work to verify and achieve "based on the spectrum of light total analysis and control theory."

We are willing to share knowledge and resources with our customers and support each other for win-win cooperation. We can share with the customer resources have covered plant cultivation technology, environmental control requirements, greenhouse and ancillary equipment configuration selection or transformation program, seed supply resources, product benefit analysis, market situation survey, market trends and other production Supply and demand in all aspects of the key factors.

As China's most professional complement program designers, we can according to different plants, different climatic conditions, different greenhouse structure, different market plans to provide customers with a full range of precision light compensation solutions. At the same time to provide users with all kinds of light-filled products, including high pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED, etc., and fill light system related accessories, such as reflectors,

Our advantage is that we can combine the advanced electronic technology with the study of the optical properties of plants to help customers achieve the best possible results with minimal additional inputs (including one-time investment and operating costs).

We are willing to always uphold the "integrity, openness, innovation, development" concept, and our customers grow together. We are convinced that through unremitting efforts and sustainable development, we will be able to China's horticultural industry to make a greater contribution to the healthy development!